by epiphany-epiphany

We bring with us a nationwide network of partners.

We not only bring specialized services and technical expertise, but an extensive network of partners across Pakistan with whom we have developed personal rapport over the last decade. The list of organizations and institutions includes over 200 educational and research institutions, civil society organizations, banks and financial institutions, startups, incubators and accelerators and various government departments, political parties and local governments across all four provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. These linkages and networks make us an ideal institution to undertake activities related to partnering for specific objectives or collaboration on both short- and long-term basis.

We provide a range of services in order to establish new and strengthen existing institutions. Our expertise includes: strategic planning, program design, result-based management, institutional assessments and capacity building, business validation and development strategies, strategic communications & public relations strategies and fundraising.

We offer specialized programs for startups at various stages in their journey, including pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration. Our firm belief in the power of social innovation/entrepreneurship as a driving force has led us to partner with Uncharted (previously Unreasonable Institute) to launch an international social impact acceleration program.

We believe in developing a culture of entrepreneurship that empowers and rewards individuals working for realizing their dreams and ideas. We are partnering with universities, government and private incubators/accelerators to build their capacity to evolve an ecosystem driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, especially among the youth and women.

We believe financial inclusion is a vital solution for poverty alleviation. Through our research-based approach, we are designing interventions to enhance financial inclusion in Pakistan, including financial and digital literacy programs. With our vast knowledge base, diverse skills and sound partnerships, we help deliver financial services and products at affordable costs to under-privileged communities in the country.

With extensive expertise in governance, democracy and election research, we are your partner for undertaking surveys, policy analysis, developing reform agendas and advocacy campaigns, executing stakeholder engagement and managing platforms, including seminars, round tables and conferences. Our experienced team and a network of partners and resources spread across the country make us your first choice for not only developing but executing; governance and election research, capacity building initiatives and reform advocacy programs.

With the space for open dialogue increasingly shrinking, we recognize the value of having candid discussions in safe, conducive and mutually respectful environments. Therefore, we have created Epiphany as a platform to curate conversations ranging from the arts, humanities and social sciences to entrepreneurship, leadership and conflict resolution. In us, you have a partner with the capacity to reach out and organize discussion forums, lectures and dialogue on burning issues of the time.

We are geared towards helping vulnerable populations, especially girls, women and young people to utilize their skills and talents to become financially independent. Through our intellect and expertise in this field, we devise strategies, initiatives and programs to help people in general and vulnerable socio-economic groups in particular, to unlock their true potential and provide sustainable pathways to assist in the long-term endeavor for their mainstreaming.