Our Miracle Workers

At Epiphany, we have cultivated a community of friends like family who all share our vision of a strong entrepreneurial eco-system in Pakistan.

These like-minded partners from Pakistan and abroad make it possible for us to provide the best support for our startups. Collaborating with them also enables us to strengthen the support offered to entrepreneurs across Pakistan at various stages of their life cycle.

We collaborate with university, government and private-led incubators and organizations conducting business competitions, bootcamps and hackathons to help create the pipeline for Epiphany Lab. We also work with donors, banks, private equity investors and venture capital firms who can provide access to finance to our entrepreneurs after they graduate from our accelerator.

Meet Some of Our Miracle Workers

We have 50+ local and international mentors, sector specialists, capital advisers and investors who mentor, coach and train our entrepreneurs on topics ranging from customer discovery and research to go to market strategy and customer acquisition, to strategic planning, impact measurement and fundraising. These miracle workers donate their time to our entrepreneurs during and post Epiphany Lab through in-person and online sessions

Lab Team